■ 団体への所属

〇 さいたま商工会議所に、準会員として入会いたしました 

○ 中小機構SWBSワールド・ビジネス・サポート・パートナーに選定されました

[Qualifications and/or Affiliations,recently acquired]

〇 Affiliated with the Saitama Chamber of Commerce 

○ Selected among to be an SWBS World Business Support Partner to "Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation"(Japanese Governmental Agency)]


■ 業務提携

[Business Alliance]


■ 新たな資格の取得



○ Qualified to act for lodging an administrative objection on behalf of citizens or aliens who are discontent with decisions of national or local administrative offices]

○ Qualified to act for making application proceedings to the Japanese Immigration Bureau for permits of immigration, residential status, naturalization, etc.]